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LPG Servo Locator - Trip Planner

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Just found this handy LPG Trip Planner
LPG Trip Planner
You put in the street you're leaving from, and the street you're going to, and it gives you the location of service stations which sell LPG. You can choose to go via the fastest way or the shortest way.
It got the 2 closest ones to me right, hopefully it's that good everywhere.
Worst thing about it is that their map wont zoom when I use FireFox web browser.
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changing over to a diesel patrol soon myself but while i wait in addition to my 90l tank i have a 160l tank inside the back of my wagon. lets me do the high country with just gas easy ;) just means a lot of lost space inside.
yeah it sits along one side in the back stretching from the barn door to behind the front passenger seat just below window level. i have another one i think its about 140l but have not bothered yet lol. be selling them once i go diesel.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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