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This sounds like fun!

The destination for the next Scrapheap Adventure Ride has been announced so its time to start planning your 2011 attempt!

On April 23rd 2011 Riders will converge on Cameron Corner.

Now for the important part!

The Scrapheap Adventure Ride is all about raising money for Down Syndrome NSW, Riders will attempt to get their machines from their sheds to the destination and raise money through sponsorship. All funds raised go to Down Syndrome NSW. The 2010 Scrapheap Adventure raised over $20,000 dollars, lets make the 2011 ride bigger.

The basic rules are:

Make a (suggested) $100 tax deductible donation to register. Set up your scrapheap challenge webpage (only takes a minute), add photos, blog entries, etc so your friends can check out your machine and sponsor your ride.

Start with a bike which cost less than $1000 and spend any additional sums on the bike to make it roadworthy, all machines participating must be registered.

Raise additional funds through sponsorship of your ride – eg dollars/cents per km.

If you can’t find a Scrapheap ride then you are welcome to ride your everyday bike and still raise money.

Support vehicles for Scrapheap riders are also welcome to carry fuel, water, food, and any Scrapers that don’t make the distance.

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Sounds a lot like a 2 wheel version of the variety bash and just as much fun.

I've never done anything like this before but would be dead keen. i have an old bike (70's Suzuki 100 road trail) it runs but aint rego'd. If anyone is keen and wants to make a team (i assume this is allowed) please PM me.

I can't think of a better cause.
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