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Hi guys and gals,
I'm sorry if this thread has been run before but I cant live long enough to troll through all of the posts to find out.
I have what I've always thought is an MQ/MK, now I'm starting to wonder.
Does the vin number on patrols always state the model type? As in *****MQ****** or ***MK****. because if it does, does anybody know what ****MP****** is? I've never heard of it, nor has anybody to whom I've mentioned it.
any info would be much appreciated.


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MQ and MK are not Nissan codes, the Nissan code for the car is 160.
Some parts shops etc recognise MQ, but MK is not an official code at all.

Your chassis number will, however, have 160 in it.

I've never heard or seen any mention of MP. can you put up some more info about the car?
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