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Greetings from Antigua!

Found an abandoned mid '80's Patrol which hasn't run for a few years. stuck a battery in and the engine turns over. Some cheeky thief has stolen all 5 wheels! Nearby is a mid '80's Nissan Pick Up (2400 model) which i think is also 4Wd. A few questions.


Will a 2400 Pick Up wheels fit on to the Patrol?
(Pick Up tyres are 220x70x15)

If not, what size wheels will fit the Patrol.

What size are the front brake caliper rubber seals?
(one caliper is stuck on to the badly pitted, rusty brake disc. The rear are drum brakes))

What size are the 2 bolts holding on thefront brake calipers?

Points /spark plug gap?

Spark plug type?

Any other advice as to get the engine running?

Is their a workshop manual online?

I've no manual, hence the questions!

Many thanks in advance!

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