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Hi all,

New to patrols and 4x4s, bought an 84 mk off a mate because my job requires it, (mostly driving around rough terrain very muddy filthy etc.). So today I went to reverse out of my driveway and found it nearly impossible to get it into gear. Only way to do so was fully at the floor and as soon as I moved the clutch the car (truck?) stalled.

Anyway so I noticed my clutch pedal had no pressure until halfway to the floor and then wasnt pushing the clutch open enough. The pedal did however have adequate return pressure.

Being my first 4x4 I then discovered clutch to be hydraulic so to me it seemed to be a problem like air in the system. I took the blender off the slave system but nothing came out. Got my missus to pump the pedal and out the fluid came, albeit a bit black and lumpy.

As it was bleeding I also noticed that the reservoir on the master cylinder level did not move, even when the slave bleeder nipple stopped uh bleeding and the pedal had no resistance (but still return pressure).

Sorry this has been long winded, I'm almost there. My initial diagnosis is that the master cylinder is bung, based on the fact that fluid does not go into the cylinder from the reservoir under any circumstances bit it does pass between the bleeder nipple and pipe leading to slave (I have removed the cylinder).

Wondering if I could get your thoughts...

I don't shy away from mechanical procedures so please let me know what I need to do.
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