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I am after some info on having my rear seats re-upholstered. It is the standard two seater, and the single folding seat on the MK Wagon.

Can anyone in Perth recommend an upholsterer, I don't need anything special, I would just like them to have no rips and tears, and preferably look like new again.

The fabric on the seats is pretty good, unfortunately its only the vinyl that's stuffed....what would I expect to pay?

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It would be waaaaayyyyy cheaper to buy a good 2nd hand set of seats
The folding seat in the rear of the wagons can be had from free to about $50-$80(good one)
Many remove them and discard them
The middle seats for the wagon,same again these parts get thrown out when people wreck the wagons as theres minimal/no demand for them even if ya paid $50-$80 (for a near perfect one)
You wont get a seat recovered any where near that
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