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more go

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ok guys got my soa kit sorted cheers for links so now how do i get more go from my mk 3,3 d any hints tricks or advise cheers wayne
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SD Turbo or SD n/a ???

Yep both standard in MK range
MK range had a SD33 Turbo from the factory
Track one down and rob all the bits and whack on yours

Do a bitta reading theres just heaps on here regarding this conversion
Yeah a 2nd handie SD33T can be had for cheap,if ya can find them
2nd hand Turbo and manifolds change hands around the $400-$500 alone
Many members on here have sold gear around that $$$

Yeah extractors for the n/a had a chuckle meself
But crank some fuel,adjust the IP and timing extractors and bigger zorst,
I reckon youd get more poke from the n/a

I can get a set of extractors for the SD i wonder,should i play HHHMMM
Yep thats them extractors
Just on a note:
Now an old motorbike trick with the 2 piece headers (never seen a pair on an SD tho)
Just thought id mention it while where on exhaust
You run two single out let pipes of the headers (two piece headers,two pipes)then spray with paint
Run till hot,where the paint stops peeling thats where you cut and join them together
Tuned length i think its called
Just a handy tip for maybe something else ???
Exhausts well theres many mods that can give more/better power
Ceramic coating helps,heat bandage (although now considered old school) still work
Snorkels help, just so many little things to help with more squirt
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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