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more go

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ok guys got my soa kit sorted cheers for links so now how do i get more go from my mk 3,3 d any hints tricks or advise cheers wayne
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you see them on ebay and what not sometimes a whole car from 500 to 100 dollars. buy one of them and just throw the whole motor and box it and be done with it. Add a straight through exhaust. front mount cooler, pyro gauge, wind up the fuel and your done.
piece of cake.

Or add nitrous.:naughty:

@nerok, got any pix on those extractors?
thanks mate, would apreciate a pic of extractors for the sd33.
I want to throw an sd33 n/a in my L60 and a bit more horses would be a pleasant plus.
don't want to turbo it.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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