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Hi all,
I am building a MQ Nissan Patrol mud truck!
My missus & I aswell as a few mates head out every Sunday (atleast) to our local mud holes and slush pits to see how much trouble we can get ourselves into and out of!
We usually take out our daily driver MQ but in trying to keep it in half decent condition, the new 'mud truck' has been born.
This is the seccond attempt so far, after starting on the original truck it didnt take long to realise she was in bad shape.
There was so much rust in the body that i could lift the body from the chassis a good couple of inches (and that was on the good side), luckily a mate donated his spare MQ to me and were back in business.

So far IVe gotten stuck into the body work with a hole saw cutter and angle grinder, cutting out the wheel arches to fit the 33" Geolanders and removing ALL dead weight. Gutted the interior, which will house my two light weight race bucket seats from my old dirt circuit car with two 4 point harnesses.
The engine bay has been cut to fit a mid mount Rover V8 with a crysler centura 4 speen single rail gearbox. (Yeah yeah i know- Rover V8, but its light weight!)
Ive moved my transfur case back 425mm. As it is a floating transfur, ive had to mix and match some tailshafts to suit, out of another MQ Patrol with a fixed transfur - i robbed the front tailshaft which has now become the rear, the rear tailshaft out of the same Nissan has become the front.
The diffs have CIG lockers, Rancho shockies & 2'' springs.
The radiator will be moved to the rear of the truck so that the engine bay can be fully enclosed from the water and ive made up a fuel cell to fit the back aswell.

If anyone is interested ide be happy to post some pics as progress continues-
All in all it will be a good truck once its done
Damien & Gem
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