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MQ shorty with 350 EDELBROCK

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hey all i just bought an mq short with a 350 edelbrock in it. it runs with a holly 600 carby on gas and petrol. the exhaust systems has two dump pipes coming out just in front off the rear tires. im to scared to drive it on the road beacuse it has such an incredibly loud backfire as soon as you get off the gas. how can i stop this excess fuel waking my whole suburb???
i have noticed two spark plugs that seem so pulse in and out of the block???? what is that all about???
its only runnin the original mq 4 speed gear box what options do i have there ( i have a old gq sitting here with a new clutch and gearbox, will that fit staight in ???
my inicators dont work yet hazards doo??
hopesomeone can help cheers ALL
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Indicators not working,but hazards do ???
Replace the combo switch in your steering column
Ensure that you get the correct one for your model,as the MQ and MK are different

Edelbrock ???,Im takin it has an Edelbrock inlet manifold ???
Dump pipes are suppose to bark and carry on
Take it to an exhaust shop,get them to have a look
Could a simple fix like extending the pipes to the rear or putting a tad quieter mufflers on it
Could replace the flasher units also,under the dash near the brake pedal area
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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