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My 2.8 Beast

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Hi Guys figured I should finally make a thread showing my 'trol.

I bought her about 9 months ago while I was still in uni, but now i have finished my degree and have got a job up north on the mines the plans are quite ambitious to be honest but we can all dream haha

Mods as it is at the moment:
- very sagged 2" lift
- very worn 285/75R16 AT
- factory winch bar
- custom rear tool draws,
- sound system
- boost gauge
- 2.5" exhaust

I will get some more pics up soon.
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Jesus that first vid is a bit crazy, we went out there today and its all completely dry
Those rims look sweet, did they cost much to have em sent to Perth?
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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