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nissan patrol 3.0 dci turbo
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Hi everyone. A couple of days ago I purchased my first ever Nissan. A 2002 Patrol GR, 3.0 Di Turbo Automatic. Lovely vehicle, superb condition, one previous owner, full service history and 80k miles on the clock. The dealer told me that they had just replaced the torque convertor and rebuilt the gearbox as the oil cooler had leaked water into the gearbox and ruined it. More so it had just had a brand new cylinder head. The car has covered 200 miles since this work was completed, the delaer made a £5k loss on its sale!
The car drives fantastic, and after Range Rovers, Ford Explorers and Land Rovers, I love its simple, honest character.
Having read all kinds of horror stories since purchase, I am now seriously concerned that I should be keeping an eye on my engine!
I would appreciate any suggestions you may have for me in looking out for trouble, what is the best oil for my car and how often should I check coolant. The handbook says to check and fill the reservoir and the radiator direct....
One more rather annoying thing that I noticed today... the interior lights wont come on, either when a dorr is opened or by moving the switches in the roof console. Ive checked the fuse and the bulbs, and all is well. Any ideas?...
Many thanks
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