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my new surplus transmission

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hi guys,

i saw a very fresh surplus transmission at the surplus shop two days ago and decided to get it. here is how it looks

according to the owner of the shop. it was mated with a tb4.2. i don't know it that's true. but can anyone confirm that this bell housing is the pattern for the tb4.2? cuz if it is. i'll keep it and will be my bell housing if and when i decide to upgrade to a td4.2....hehehe

in addition. the transmission came with a rear pto.

i don't have any use for it. but just left if cuz it would be a hassle to remove all the gearing components inside the transfer case.

and lastly, does anyone know why there are hoses sticking out of the transfer case cover? and what it's for?

i suspect its a cooler or a heater. but i'm not sure. thanks for the help.

BTW, because it came from a gas engine. the main drive is longer than my original maindrive so we have to machine down the maindrive. hopefully, the my mechanic will be able to finish installing the new transmission before lunch.\

as for the gear ratio. 2nd, 3r, 4rth and 5th gears are the same for both. the first gear ratio of my new trans is 3.5 while my old trans is 3.8. will there be a significant difference?

thanks for your inputs:D

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so, is this a SD33/T gearbox, with a TD42 bell-house?
oh, and how much would it take to convince you that those rubber boots are mine?? :D
could get some new ones cast for easier td42 conversions.
Exactly where I was going with this:punkrock: Although, having read into the TD42 manual, I'm not sure if it's a better engine?!?:rolleyes: It also seems VERY thirsty...
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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