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My TD42 turbo build up

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Here are some pics of my turbo build up, have had it installed for roughly 5,000kms so far.
Consists of:
Garret gt2860rs
dts low mount manifold
cruiser 60 series airbox
3" exhaust
autometer pyro & boost guages
GReddy turbo timer

Running 14 pound with fuel screw turned up around half or there abouts

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I also have a 60 series airbox... but i'm about to change it out as I have found that it seems to pass really fine dust.... genuine Toyo filter and all.... am thinking some sort of donaldson with double filtration, but then you need to clean the filter way more often....
I'm going to be making a custom air box out of alloy for mine and using a normal pod filter in it.
Pod filter..... just make sure you budget for a new turbo and engine....
What's the different then using a normal box filter?

Obviously the filter will be a oiled one
Pod filters are (as far as I know) designed for lots of airflow through a small area, so have to have larger holes. They try and compensate by using oil to catch dust, but :S

Paper filters work by having smaller holes, as well as creating a static charge from the air that flows over/through them that attracts the dust to the filter.
Ever taken a performance street car across the Simpson desert? Even just a day run in the hills on a dry day you will suck in a fair bit of dust.
Have a look at what the performance turbo comp trucks are running. I'm pretty sure that there would be very few if any running a pod filter (well those that value their engine anyway). Most will run some sort of truck airbox or Donaldson, or custom that takes a Donaldson or similar filter.
1 - 5 of 33 Posts
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