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Mytqik's TB45 to TD42 wiring guide

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I am I the process of converting my GU Ti TB45 auto over to a TD42 auto. There is a link in my signature to my build thread for more information on the mechanical side of things.

Everything below is to suit a 1994 black top GQ TD42 into a 1998 GU Ti TB45. Please double check everything before following my lead :)

As I do the wiring I thought I would document it, save anyone else the hours that I have trawled over GQ & GU wiring diagrams.

The heavy Black/red (50mm2) main power cable can be re-used. I re-lugged it to suit my new battery terminals better.
The White/red (6mm2) wire will need to have the blade plug cut off the end and a ring crimped on.

The alternator and P/S pump are on different sides from the TB to the TD, therefore the TB wiring will need to be extended to suit.
I used my old 50mm2 winch power cable in place of the *********** cable that runs from the ALT to the fuse box.
The black wire needs to be extended with a ring crimped on the end.
I found that the plug for the yellow/red & yellow/black is actually the same plug/pin outs as the TD42 alt, so I just extended these 2 wires and re-used the TB45 plug.
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I have a complete 05 4.2 tdi car now stat write off. With a complete tb48 wagon and mine side by side it's just going to be a straight changeover isn't it?
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