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Mytqik's TB45 to TD42 wiring guide

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I am I the process of converting my GU Ti TB45 auto over to a TD42 auto. There is a link in my signature to my build thread for more information on the mechanical side of things.

Everything below is to suit a 1994 black top GQ TD42 into a 1998 GU Ti TB45. Please double check everything before following my lead :)

As I do the wiring I thought I would document it, save anyone else the hours that I have trawled over GQ & GU wiring diagrams.

The heavy Black/red (50mm2) main power cable can be re-used. I re-lugged it to suit my new battery terminals better.
The White/red (6mm2) wire will need to have the blade plug cut off the end and a ring crimped on.

The alternator and P/S pump are on different sides from the TB to the TD, therefore the TB wiring will need to be extended to suit.
I used my old 50mm2 winch power cable in place of the *********** cable that runs from the ALT to the fuse box.
The black wire needs to be extended with a ring crimped on the end.
I found that the plug for the yellow/red & yellow/black is actually the same plug/pin outs as the TD42 alt, so I just extended these 2 wires and re-used the TB45 plug.
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Good job mate! I'm halfway through mine at the moment and this will make it a little easier!

Did you source a GU TD air con bracket?
Ok thats awesome, I have a GQ bracket but haven't had a close look at it, if it bolts straight up that will save me some hassle.
Hey mate, I have mine running and driving, a few things to sort out still but its getting there.

I have the aircon plugged in but the pump doesn't kick in when the button is pressed. I've tried giving the pump power and it works properly and gets cold quickly.. I'm wondering if i've cut the wrong wire or it needs something else as its a TI with climate control? (also converted to manual now). Any ideas?

Also my aircon pump/bracket was different. I used the GQ bracket and cut 9mm off the mounting surface to move the pump back in line, and will need to make to small right angled brackets for underneath.
Tried it last night and it works perfectly mate! Thank you! No dodgy wiring needed haha.
Another piece of the puzzle completed.
Nah I haven't tackled the tacho yet, most of the time I do things the fastest easiest way and then refine it from there haha, so its still on the to-do list :)

For the glow plugs I've used some wiring out of a GQ, but it already had a different relay in it. So its wired up to a push button inside. Not going to bother with a timer unless it gets annoying later, only really need it at first start up now anyway.
Any progress on this? I have connected my tacho as above, wired directly to the cluster.. It works well but only above 1000rpm... (GQ TD42 into GU 4.5)
My aircon works basically as normal and I've just bypassed the ECU..
Yep it all works normally, only thing im not sure of is when the aircon is on and ign turned to on (engine not running) the aircon fan will come on, can't remember if it used to or if the engine had to be running? Either way it doesn't matter in the end!
Rear aircon all works too and I've kept it all even running a high mount turbo and 3.5inch dump pipe. ;)
Tacho works and seems accurate but only after 1000rpm, before that it doesn't a work at all. Haven't looked into it yet!
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Anyone got the cruise working yet?
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