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G'Day All,

Newbie here from Geelong, VIC.

Currently have an 09 D22 STR Navara which I have owned since new, have spent endless amounts of time & money on it over the last 2 years getting it to were I wanted it, which now I think it is time to move it on, family isnt getting any smaller.

Have started doing a lot more towing over the past 6 months and will be doing a lot more in the future, tradies trailer, Jayco camper & now our custom Mobile Animal Farm trailer which all weigh around 1200kgs - 1800kgs, which the D22 just cant handle to my liking, along with the H/D steel tray, canopy & extras etc it is quite heavy itself.

Hoping to get around the $30k mark for the Nav with all the options & tray etc, then have been looking around at the late model GU Patrols, now heres my questions?

Is it worth spending a little more to get a new 2010 plated ST or STL wagon?
Would I be better looking for a late model 2007-2009 model with a few mods already done, low km's, has been looked after etc?
Does the 3.0L tow as easy as everyone tells me, auto or manual better?
No idea really which way to go, but if I can spend around $45k or less on a Patrol I'd be fairly happy.

Any feedback appreciated.

Cheers Matt
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