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Hi all, just joined up, looks like a great site, wondering if anyone can help me, i,ve got a GQ 1989 model, it's carby TB42 petrol, automatic, been converted to gas before I got it and is missing the Throttle pressure switch, the switch hangs off the end of the butterfly shaft on the outside of the carb, has wires with a 3 pin plug that hooks into the loom.
The result is, when the shifter is put into 'drive' the auto shifts through the gears quickly, no matter how far down your foot is.
Can still drive and shift manually but would like to hook it up, and as it has to come off another 'carby, auto' model I havn,t been able to find one.
Also the 'power' light on the dash has started flashing on start up, stays on for approx 2seconds then does 16 flashes, anyone know what that means?
Yes I have ordered a workshop manual on ebay, but hasn,t arrived yet!!
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