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Hi Guys

just wondering if i can run just a needle valve to control spool rate of my turbo or do i also have to run a drawes valve as i don`t have any over boost problems and have a boost gauge to keep an eye on things.

I just want to have a nice linear boost curve that doesn`t bounce round all the time.

Have i got the right idea fitting the needle valve to fix this problem or am i barking up the wrong tree?

Guidance from Gurus please.:)


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If you just want to slow down your spool rate you could adjust the limiting screw on the turbo actuator. You could in theroy use a needle valve to do the job.
Your boost fluctuations are due to the operation of the EGR system and the ZD30 Di's poor boost control. If you want linear boost and a more responsive engine then fit a Dawes & needle valve.
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