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Negative Perspective - Injury

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Hey all, just wanna rant abit about my current status. As I type this my knee is in alot of pain and it locked straight every night due to a motorcycle accident.

I was just riding through a back block on my way home after work when my front wheel got caught in a rut (damn 4bees!) which threw the bike to the side. My leg slipped off the peg and got driven straight into the dirt with a totally straight leg tearing my ACL. After a year of waiting to get operated on and selling the bike I finally got it operated on.

The thing thats bothering me is that the one thing in this world which I loved to do more than anything was ride my motox bike. I would ride literally every day... Now that I have had the operation, I can barely do anything, and its going to take 6-9 months to get me back to 'normal' again.

I have made up my mind that as much as I loved riding - the risks of riding again outweigh the negative consequences of a bad accident. I know that all the pros have had worse accidents and the still ride pro, but for an everyday jo like me this is too risky.

Its just really getting me down at the moment as people who have had bad accidents know the highs and lows of recovery.

I guess I just wanted to get this off me chest, and perhaps hear of other peoples stories and how they managed to cope with it all.

Thanks for reading.
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When you've stuffed your knee in Yeppoon, I just hope to god you used lube xD
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