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Negative Perspective - Injury

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Hey all, just wanna rant abit about my current status. As I type this my knee is in alot of pain and it locked straight every night due to a motorcycle accident.

I was just riding through a back block on my way home after work when my front wheel got caught in a rut (damn 4bees!) which threw the bike to the side. My leg slipped off the peg and got driven straight into the dirt with a totally straight leg tearing my ACL. After a year of waiting to get operated on and selling the bike I finally got it operated on.

The thing thats bothering me is that the one thing in this world which I loved to do more than anything was ride my motox bike. I would ride literally every day... Now that I have had the operation, I can barely do anything, and its going to take 6-9 months to get me back to 'normal' again.

I have made up my mind that as much as I loved riding - the risks of riding again outweigh the negative consequences of a bad accident. I know that all the pros have had worse accidents and the still ride pro, but for an everyday jo like me this is too risky.

Its just really getting me down at the moment as people who have had bad accidents know the highs and lows of recovery.

I guess I just wanted to get this off me chest, and perhaps hear of other peoples stories and how they managed to cope with it all.

Thanks for reading.
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Thanks for the support guys, i know i dont have the worst injury (judgin by others) but at the time you feel terrible. I feel for you other guys who have stated your injuries as well. I dont really ride out of my limits, but all it takes is a rock or rut to poke its head up and i am back in hospital doing all this again. Thanks for the positives, at least i am not alone lol. I have been contemplating a roady, cbr600 or something just to tour around on. Just have to watch out for other cars.
Yeah totally understand. 2nd reco hey? I dont think i could go through this again. Mainly because i hate being stuck indoors. I cannot stand being inside watching movies or playing games and the like.

I think mentally i will always know that my knee will be not as good and will stop me from doing anything extreme ever again. I guess i will just have to go 4beeing alot more when its all done. :)
Cheers all for the positive feedback.
I was doing the same in the hospital and 2 chicks walked in on me mid relief! I was like "um excuse me" lol
Thats the hardest part - you wanna push it and do it all sooner, but you risk pulling the new graft clean out of the bone.
Well my knee is nearly better.... and taking delivery of this on Thursday. :) Going to pump my legs at the gym and wear some POD MX K700 braces but mainly gunna buy this to putt to work and back.

Husky 510 - Not here to lick stamps :)

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lol cheers lads, yeah def no need for more power AT ALL... all im gunna do it take the baffle out for a bit more noise, and take the throttle stop out.

Going to ease into this again very slowly, and take my time - no crazyness!
Ooooo!!! lol. Im impartial to bikes really, had a honda and a kawasaki, now a husky.

Too long to wait until thursday though!!!!! Want it now!
Holy balls its fast - gunna have to get some nerve back somehow - concrete tablets perhaps? But definutely something! So smooth but INCREDIBLY torquey.
POD MX K700 knee braces + TE510 = 100km/h 5th gear monos on the beach :) Love riding again!
They are brilliant aye. Apart from the very tight 661 thigh high socks and my jersey pants not having enough give near the knee (making the whole setup very very tight and uncomfortable) they are excellent. Feels like your wearing nothing and they are super light and comfortable.

Just have to get some new pants and then that should be right.

Still getting my skills back slowly but its a slow process and im taking my time.

Cheers everyone for the positive comments etc. :)
lol true that - im starting to come to grips with the power level and how to crack the throttle on.

Plus a big heavy lad like me 'sort' of keeps the front down a bit. :)
New decal kit put on it :)
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Dammit lol - fractured my toe riding home from work last week... grrr!

As soon as i can squeeze my foot into my riding boots again ill be set :)
Me enjoying the ride at the Husky day. 1 week after fractured toe - hurt like a mofo trying to stick my foot into my boot, but went numb after a while so was all good :)


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