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So I've finally fulfilled my years-long goal of getting me a G60. It's the one that Lex was selling here - I towed it down from the hills last weekend and it has been sitting in my garden ever since.

It's completely in pieces as Lex was hoping to do a 308 conversion on it. At this stage I'm hoping to restore it to its original P-motor 3-speed glory over the summer, and then maybe think about doing a gearbox/full engine and drivetrain conversion...

So far I've set up a big shadecloth and tarp to keep the sun and rain off it as I don't have any shed space to work on it, and have given it a bit of a once over. Now that the hellish work week is almost over, I'm hoping to get properly stuck into it on the weekend :D

I'll throw some more pics up in the coming days/weeks as work progresses... here's some to whet your collective appetites.



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She looks wonderful mate

If you don't have an engine or gear box i'll sell you my P40 with a 4 speed for really cheap but the engine does make a knocking noise i've been told.

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