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cheers fits5, after 21 months we still like it!!
almost nothing required.... Airbagman HD air bags and 300kg constant weight rear springs (although maybe should have gone 350 or 400kg... they'd maybe make the van-less ride a bit stiff tho..) to help level it out. no wdh. they are a bandaid.
van is 21'6" has 300mm brakes and Dexter anti sway, along with a DO35 hitch. 3500kg ATM.. 270kg ball weight.
no bull bar, no winch, no drawers, no fridge slide, roof rack by amplimesh (= 3kg) all to keep payload for actual items.
the Y62 is pretty much plug n play. over the weigh bridge 6.6t all up... full fuel, loaded 75l fridge, 2 kids.... wife...
it is an extremely capable tug indeed!

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