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New military Spec GWagon - I saw it!

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Hi All,

I realise I may get shunned apon here about my loyality to Nissan after this thread but hre goes anyway. :oops:

Here is a bit of food for thought if your are interested! How close to the ground has everbody here been keeping their ear over new 4wd being released this year! With the introduction of the new Patrol (Y62) coming yearly 2012, there will be another contender in the form of the Mercedes Benz GWagon.

Resembling the latest toyota HJ series, this will come to the Australian market in the same sort of ball park price figures. 100k plus minus. With the patrol looking more space age than ever these days (selling updated GU model side by side on realse of new model proves it sorta) it sometime makes me wonder what we are actually buying in new cars these days. I think if I had the choice between the two I might jump on the GWagon.

They are being dealivered to the Australian Army first with hopefully release to the public later on in the year! Finally they are coming back! :coffeeti::bananada::bananada::bananada:

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Here are some pics I took while heading outbound on the monash today at about 5:15pm just a few 100 meters from the tunnel. I couldnt get the phone to camera mode quick enough after I figured out what they were! Aussie Army - Only the best!!


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They are built like the proverbial brick house though. Thick metal panels make the vehicle weigh over 5000 lbs (civilian version anyway). And they climb like a mountain goat (i guess 3 locking diffs would help a lot).
The info on this vehicle says it has 17.71 inches of ground clearance. Is that under the diffs? The civilian version has 8.1 clearance and has a very nice ride height though.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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