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Well I have been a member of the Patrol forum for a number of years.Then forgot my Login so joined again a couple of years back.There is a wealth of knowledge on this site so I hope I can add a bit (well maybe a little bit) to it.
I bought my first Patrol in 1993 it was an MQ Shorty ,SD33 4 speed
I fitted an ARB bar, Warn Highmount, Cibie Oscars, ARB springs and shocks stereo,ARB roofrack,Tinted widows and a Kaymar rear bar and a Longranger fuel tank..It was a very good old truck that just showed me how much better it was than the FJ40 it replaced.
Next up was a 95 GQ shorty in 1998 this had a TD42.Wow it was so refined compared MQ.
This one I decked out in a similar way apart from the Kaymar rear bar and the suspension was a mix of KYB and Dobinson
.Next in line was a 1994 Maverick Wagon that also had the all conquering TD42 but this one I fitted out with a Denco Turbo and 3" from Beaudesert exhaust upgraded pump by Westend Diesel 4 " lift using Dobinsons again but the dampeners were Procomp Explorers Bigger radiator twin EL Falcon Thermo`s twin batteries and the High mount and Bar from the shorty. 35`s on Black Dynamica Rims stereo and the list goes on. .We owned this truck for 9 years and it was a sad day when the new owner drove it out the driveway.This was followed by a GU 1 with a TB45e.Petrol /gas 2" lift 8x16 Black Dynamica wheels Hella 4000`s of the Mav ARB Sahara bar ARB roofrack that had also been on the Mav.
This brings me up to the Latest Nissan in the driveway
This is a 2011 plated CRD wagon so far I have added the Bullbar, winch ,Snorkel,redarc duel battery system a New set of Hella`s ,Electrophone UHF 3" lift using King Springs and and Procomp Explorers.Long ranger fuel tanks (both) New ARB roofrack and the Black Rims and ATZ`s from the earlier GU.The spare is sitting on a Kaymar bracket and is an 8x15 with a Goodyear MTR that saw duty on the Mav many miles ago.
Future plans are a 3" exhaust upgraded Intercooler and maybe the dawes valve system if it needs.I already have the boost and Pyro gauges fitted.Ax well I look forward to fitting a better stereo.


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