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Hi all,
I am brand new but have accessed the site and forums on many occasions to resolve issues with my old Patrol or just to see what is happening in Patrol world.

I have just purchased, but not yet taken delivery of, a 2010, 3.0 TD CRD ST spec Patrol.

With some shame I must say that I considered an LC 76:p. Seriously, I did compare. My current vehicle is a 1999 TB 45 ST patrol. Dual Fuel with long range tank. OME lift, Safari snorkel, alloy bar, lights,BFG AT tyres, draw system etc.

When it came to a new vehicle I had to look around because I was genuinely worried about the fuel consumption of the 4.8 L petrol and the fact that Nissan will not cop to gas on that motor.(do not recommend and will not support via warrantee according to the dealer).

My next worry was the 3.0 and the older granade motors, thanks to the forums and survey of known issues, I was confident about that not being a problem post 2001/2002.

But the 4.5 L V8 LC 76 still met the old "there is no substitute for cubic inches" test.

What I found after researching, driving and measuring them both was....... Nissan again thanks.

I am not biased as I use TLC 79 at work (vertical and off road rescue for a fire and rescue service) but what I did find was creature comfort, space and safety went to Nissan every time.

I should also add that I was suitably impressed with the unladen performance of the 3 litre motor.

If the truth be known I would prefer that Nissan went with a bigger CRD diesel motor but at the end the $10, 000 extra for a less well appointed Toyota just could not be justified (to me) for the amount of off road I do (Cape york 10,000 km trip for 2000 off road or on gravel, NT Barra fishing, Brindabella 4wd trips, Victorian Alps etc).

This post is basically a thank you for all the great info that you provide to Patrol owners and an explanation of why I stayed with the mighty Patrol for a live axle, family touring/towing/4WD vehicle.

Talk to you all again soon but happy to expand on my reasons for choosing Y61 over LC76 if anyone want to enquire.


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