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1998 2.8GU wagon
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As it looks like I'll probably be keeping the Patrol for a while longer, I'd like to soften up the ride, as it currently rides like a bullock dray. I originally put in OME Nitrocharger Sport shocks with ARB 50mm lift springs, but it sat all over the place with around 25mm variation between corners. Took those springs out & put in Dobinsons C45-130 (50mm lift) in the front & C45-105T (45mm/450kg for coil cab) in the rear, which gave me a 50mm lift all round, loaded with my normal camping gear. After around 12-18 months & adding the rear bar they sagged badly on the back RH corner. Went back to Dobinsons at Camden & they tried a few different rear springs, ending up with C45-309T (75mm/100-250kg) These gave me 50mm lift with gear, but without passengers. I reckon loaded for a trip I would have been around 100-150kg over GVM.
I've taken some weight out, so now with 2 passengers & fuel It's at around 2900kg, which is 60kg under GVM & the rear sits a bit over 50mm lifted. Trouble is now the springs are too harsh, with it really thumping over bumps in the road.
Just looking for recommendations, based on others experience, on what springs I could get to retain the height but soften up the ride.
For reference I've got alloy bull bar & second battery up front, steel sliders & rear bar with single wheel carrier. Inside I've got one drawer, fridge & drop slide.
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