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I recently bought a Patrol, and as a person that has always driven lowered falcons it was time for something different and it suddenly came along.
Long story short, my neighbour owned this, got canaried, spent about 4k to get it roadworthy and unfortunately passed. I bought it for $500 on the proviso i paint it a different colour and make it unrecognizable to his missus.
It's a 1982 L28 model in smurf blue. that is being painted in semi gloss black...
I bought a Ford 460 big block (should get it over gutters right?) and huge stereo for my last car (1978 XC GS) which i sold and started the conversion to the Patrol. It's good to go but i want a roadworthy first then engineers certificate to make it legit.

So thats basically it. Look forward to searching these forums and asking a multitude of stupid questions...

Cheers, Noel.
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