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Hi peeps,
A few months ago bought my 2002 model GUIII Auto from a retiree who, unfortunately, is now unable to continue his much-loved Grey-nomad lifestyle. I took one look at it, took it for a little spin and couldn't resist. I needed a tow-car for just the same job.
So it's a genuine one owner with only 170,000 kms on the clock with full service history. Fastidiously maintained. It was used mostly as a tow-car for his caravan, approx 2T.
Anyway, after reading up on info about this particular model, which had me worried about the grenade motor and so-on, I set to task to research the NADS and what it entails. I've learned a lot so far from this forum. What a wealth of information!

As all the NADS guides suggest, the first thing I did was to fit boost and pyro gauges to get a feel what was going on under the bonnet. I mounted them to the pillar but found the gauge lights a bit too bright so I wired in a few resistors (total 330ohm) and now they are just nice. As for EGTs and Boost pressure, I could see high EGTs at times and rather erratic boost pressures. I took notes of the pressure and temps on a hilly stretch of road nearby to home. While fiddling around with the intercooler, I noticed it is showing signs of leakage. Bummer. (intercooler upgrade now on my mind).
The next step was to fit a catch-can. I bought a cheap one from Supercheap Auto and modified the internals to improve oil separation. It's too early to tell how good, or bad, it's working.
The EGR mod was next. This made a difference to how it felt to drive. It seemed to have a bit more power and it ran quieter... smoother. Once again I took gauge readings on the same stretch of road. Not a great deal of change to Boost & EGTs, but noticeable.
Now I've only just fitted the Dawes and Needle valve, the setting up of which is proving to be tricky. With the suggested maximum boost target of 15psi I have the needle valve all but closed, (0.05 of a turn). The boost sometimes overshoots then drops quickly to 10 or 11psi. If I open the needle valve a bit more, I struggle to get enough boost. I'm still working on this issue.
I have posted a photo of my boost and EGT variations over the three stages of fitting the NADS; Stock, EGR block and Dawes & Needle valve.

Cheers everybody for the info shared on this forum. It's awesome.


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