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Hey guys/girls,
Just thought that I'd introduce myself, I'm a long-time lurker, first-time poster :)
I've just brought my first 4by (grew up with them)I brought a 1998 2.8TD for a good price. Just really looking for any advice from people that have owned/own one. I have noticed a fair bit of bashing of this model on here, but I'm guessing everyone is looking for something different in a 4WD, I pretty much want it to be cheap to run and so we can get out of town with our little boy (a few weeks shy of 1) so he can get into camping nice and early and keep away from those goddamned Xbox's and GayStations.

I've had a pretty 'average' run of luck since buying it in June. I've had to do; Sump Gasket/combo switch/rewire headlilghts/timing belt/timing belt tensioner/front tie rods?! and it feels like the clutch is about to give up the ghost. Plus a few little mods of my own; Big double dinn stereo/dvd/ipoo/sat nav and installed the reversing camera to link up to it aswell.

I was also looking for anyone that might have a profile made up already for an overhead console for this model? Just to save me the hassle. I want to chuck a few things up there, UHF, GPS, use the back end to mount a 10" screen for the little fella to watch TV. I was also thinking of mounting a single din slide out screen upside-down and hooking up the reversing camera to that, just so wifey can still listen to music while I use the camera (existing unit doesnt allow this).

ANOTHER question, lol. I was looking at maybe boosting the turbo up a bit, does anyone know of a kit for this model? or something that someone has tried and succeeded with. Aswell as a turbo timer?

I do all the work on my car myself, it makes it a lot easier and a saves a hell of a lot of $$$. It helps when you find the 400 Page service manual on google :D

ummmm.... HELLO :)

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