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Hi All,

Wasn't sure where to post this but thought seeing as i just acquired a Patrol Y60 yesterday here maybe a good place to start.

I am a Newbie when it comes to Patrols and until yesterday i had never driven one or even thought of myself owning one. However my mate roped me into it as i was on the look out for a jeep, and so at 10pm last night after spending 13 hours looking at jeeps the search was over and i drove home a 96 Patrol 2.8td GR SE with 97,000 miles on the clock.......what do i think of it ????, Feckin loving every second of it. The body needs work but from what we saw and how she drove the mechanics are good, it pulls hard and has no smoke...Niiiiice ;)

It needs the rear quarter and rear passenger sill to be pulled and painted and some new metal to sill as it was a UK truck so liitle bit of rust, front left caliper is siezed so have to sort that, T/B, big service and secondary belts are all going to be changed. Rear left trailing arm is buggered and so is the rear anti roll bar (broken)

Looking forward to being a part of the community and will post pics over the next day or so when i get them and stop playing with it :D:D:D:D the truck that is!!!
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