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Hey guys im looking at(well haven't seen yet only photos) a 91 Patrol, with 270000ks, its $1800, Its got 33s justs off the stoppers, 2 inch body and 2 inch iron man suspension lift, he says carpet is pretty ****ty but rest is pretty good, its got extractors and a few other things, He said for road worthy it needs body lift removed, new windscreen, smaller tires, fan shroud, few globes a muffler and a power steering hose, it doesn't have a bullbar.
But it has a mechanical problem, he said it has a after market fuel pump and wont rev over 3g when in gear but when theres no load its fine, he was brief so im sussing out more info atm. The reason im attracted to this is the price and the rb30, i like them alot and i also have a nice vl commodore, i will prob turbo it down the track but first thing ill put an efi set up on it I have a spare rb30 engine sitting there. Im only 17 turn 18 in May and for my age im pretty handy with the spanners and dont mind getting greasy, it will be like my project i guess, i just finished my vl so i need another project :)
What do you guys reckon, mainly about the rev issue?
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