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Hi guys, I'm from the UK and I'm just looking at a Y61 Patrol but I'm not sure which engine to go for.

I have the option of the 2.8TD or the 3.0Di engine, but I've heard quite a few bad reports about the 3.0 with blown heads.

Which engine would be a better option with regards to reliability? The 2.8 sounds more reliable, but slower and less refined. So I've come to you for some advice.

Also, regarding the 4x4 system, there are quite a few options, and correct me if I'm wrong but from what I understand it's:

2wd - power fed to the rear axle through an open diff (possible only one wheel with traction)
4hi - power split 50/50 front/rear in high range (possible only two wheels with traction, cross axled)
4lo - as above but low range

and then there's the rear diff lock which will lock the rear differential 50/50 between the two rear tyres and if combined with either 4hi or 4lo could give 3 wheels with traction.

Am I right?
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