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Hi guys, I'm from the UK and looking at getting my first Patrol. But which engine should I choose?

I'm looking at a Y61 Patrol with either the 2.8TD or the 3.0Di engine.

I've heard a lot of bad reports about the 3.0 which is why I started looking at the 2.8. What are your experiences and which way would you go?

Are the two models identical apart form the engines? If not, what are the main differences?

I've heard the 3.0 will be quicker and quieter, but a lot of reports about the head cracking have worried me. Is the 2.8 that much more reliable? And if I get if chipped for more torque, would I see a noticable difference in pulling power between that and the 3.0?

Thanks guys, I need some knowledge and you know more than me!
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