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Newbie Post!!!

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Hey guys!

My name is Aaron, I'm from Mackay in Queensland. I brought my first Patrol a little while back its a Gold 06 4.2 GU Patrol coil cab! Stock as a rock apart from the 2'lift but I'm keen to sink some money into it so stay tuned and ill try post some good photos up of what I do with it and how it progresses! Thanks
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Actually truth be told its a November 06 build date so its really getting towards the end of the end! Heard so many great things about these that I had to go out and buy one :D
Nice. I'm jealous. Maybe. HiHi
Couldn't quite afford a GU series IV when I went to buy a new one, so I bought one of the last 04 series III. That wasn't cheap at the time either.:rolleyes: We're talking ten years ago now.

Anyway thanks for the intro mate. Now I know you run the same motor as mine. That is always useful to know. For both parties.
By the way it might be a good idea to put that in your signature at the bottom of your posts. Helps when you have a motor specific question in the future.

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