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nissan gu iv my05 st
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Hey guys,

New to the forum, thanks for having me.
Just picked myself up an 06 GU ST with the 3.0ltr DDTi, ZD30 Y61 engine. It's a great unit and I got it from a pal for a great price. It has done 119,000km and has rarely been off road with minimum / no towing.

I'm wondering what problems (if any) I should be on the lookout for. I'm thinking at the moment that this engine / components, have copped a bad wrap with some bad eggs and therefore soiled the standup reputation of this vehicle (or so i hope :p)..

I have grand plans which I'm hoping will not be thwarted by poor engineering. The car has TJM bullbar, narva spots, sides, snorkel and installed cargo barrier. 17" wheels with cheap rubber for now. It's a great car and I'm stoked with it... just want to have an idea of what to look out for, no problems as reported by previous owner.

Much appreciation..
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