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Nissan australia trying to bend me over

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Hows it going guys,

I have a 2008 GU VI 3.0L CRD with just under 93,000 on the clock,
So far the vehicle has been into Nissan to have the: exhaust manifold, turbo,tensioner pulley and dash replaced under warranty. At the moment they have the vehicle in for the gearbox that has been grinding when upshifting from 3rd to 4th and downshifting from 5th to 4th. ( sounds like a syncro to me)

Nissan Australia has decided not to cover the repairs under warranty as they believe the damage has occurred by driving the car like a race car and excessive towing.

Firstly has anyone had any dramas with their gearboxes on these models. I am trying to workout if this is a common problem so I can argue my point with Nissan.

I am heading down to the contractor that has the box to have a look for myself, before the fight begins.

I will update this space as I hear more.

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Hows it going Mainey88

I have an on road camper trailer that weighs in at about 700Kg. The worst place I have towed it is forestry tracks to get into campsites.

RJHUG you would think that but they have decided not to repair or replace.
That is why i'm going down to view the box as it helps if i know exactly what the problem is when i take my fight to Nissan. If I had driven the car like an idiot or tried towing outside of the what it had been built for I would completely understand and take it on the chin but seeing as the vehicle is driven sensibly and the amount of warranty work that has already been undertaken I will be fighting this to the end.
Cheers Benno,

I will definitely take that approach, I'm heading down there tomorrow to speak with the service manager and I will go from there.

Evil twin

Yeah I got the vehicle new in 08 from the the Nissan dealer in Windsor Qld since then it has been looked after by dealerships in NT WA and VIC.
Cheers I did get a bit sh#@y at the service manager today after he told me they need the car longer than the week they told me. Lucky for me the 85 MK shorty is bulletproof.
I feel his pain I am starting to get annoyed. To the most part Ive been looked after by Nissan and the dealerships except when the ignition was fixed and i picked up the car with the steering column still sitting in the passenger seat (that was a dealer stuff up).

Evil Twin
Cheers mate I will keep this space updated with any progress I have
Welcome to the site.

Couldn't tell you mate the service manager told me today that the had forwarded pictures of the gearbox to Nissan Australia and they had determined that they weren't coming to the party, for the reasons stated above.
Unfortunately the box is already out Nissan were going to cover it but have now changed their minds. If I had of known they weren't going to repair it I would never have let them at it.
Cheers Leroy,
Sorry to hear they are feeding you pineapples aswell. Hopefully you get your desired outcome from these bastards

I have spoken to Nissan Australia this morning and was spoken to quite rudely by a lady over there, They informed me that they believed it was 4th gear itself that was the problem and as such it wasn't a manufacturers issue. After speaking to the bloke who actually did the inspection he confirmed that it was the syncro that had caused the problem he also mentioned damage to the reverse gear.

As for checking previous service history to see what oil was used in the gear box, I do not have any copies of the paperwork as it is forwarded to my salary packaging provider for payment, as such I have never received any copies. (note to self get copies from now on)

At this stage my plan is to have the gearbox reassembled and put back into the vehicle.
I will be shortly relocating back to Perth to live on return I will strip and repair the box myself at work and then sell the vehicle. Unfortunately this is the last straw with this vehicle. I still have the bulletproof MK shorty but enough is enough.
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Cheers guys,

The service manager has been very helpful at the dealership, I am giving consumer affairs a call on Monday to see how strong a case I actually have before proceeding any further.

I should be told on Monday how much I am going to have to fork out for the investigation, unfortunately I need the vehicle back ASAP
Hows it going Anthony,

Speaking to Nissan today and I was told in no uncertain terms that the damage is not due to manufacturing faults and therefore not covered. I was unable to ascertain their reasoning for the damage.
Hows it going Don
I have been given a rough estimate of 3000 for a reco box. I am waiting on a figure for the labour charges for just the inspection. The service manager gave me a quick guestimate today, but is going to get back to me. I am very interested to see what I am charged for the compression test I asked for.
Cheers mate,

This has only just begun I am still in the process of working out the best way to go. I am going to call Nissan again and see how I go with someone else. I would like to give Nissan the chance to come to the party before going elsewhere. I will be calling up some places on monday to find out exactly where I stand before proceeding with any other action.
Hows it going Leroy

I have been dealing with the foreman lately and have been very happy with his service he has constantly been in contact with me regarding where the vehicle is at

The gearbox has had a new syncro put in at my expense and I am footing the bill for labour.
I decided it was quicker easier and cheaper to strip and rebuild the gearbox using stronger after market parts once the warranty expires in 7000Km
I have just returned from the dealer car-less. The dealership is trying to get a resolution from Nissan Australia. Fingers crossed.
Had a win

Hows it going guys,

We have had a win and Nissan Australia are coming to the party and are repairing the gearbox under warranty.

I would like to publicly thank the service team at Mcrae motors, especially their service manager who took the fight for me to Nissan. They have even offered the use of a vehicle while mine is in being repaired.

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