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Nissan australia trying to bend me over

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Hows it going guys,

I have a 2008 GU VI 3.0L CRD with just under 93,000 on the clock,
So far the vehicle has been into Nissan to have the: exhaust manifold, turbo,tensioner pulley and dash replaced under warranty. At the moment they have the vehicle in for the gearbox that has been grinding when upshifting from 3rd to 4th and downshifting from 5th to 4th. ( sounds like a syncro to me)

Nissan Australia has decided not to cover the repairs under warranty as they believe the damage has occurred by driving the car like a race car and excessive towing.

Firstly has anyone had any dramas with their gearboxes on these models. I am trying to workout if this is a common problem so I can argue my point with Nissan.

I am heading down to the contractor that has the box to have a look for myself, before the fight begins.

I will update this space as I hear more.

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You dont need to fight but simply ask the authority refusing warranty to put their reasoning (with references to legislation/owners manual) and what the problem is on a Nissan letterhead with someone signature.

watch them back peddle at a billion miles an hour.

Get smart not tough. ;)
What Benno said... start getting all the evidence in writing and try and be nice to your Dealer and keep him on your side... he's the meat in the sandwich.

Essentially he has to get approval from Nissan to pay for the repairs so he has to be convincing 'cause if Nissan say "No" he just shrugs his shoulders and he doesn't get any money for fixing it and you have a poo fight on your hands.

Uuuuummm... I assume you have had the vehicle since new? Was it serviced by Nissan franchises?
Cool... good luck with the "fight". Sometimes it all gets really pally when they realise you are willing to duke it out with a Consumer Advocate or Small Claims as well... PIA but hey they should be paying
Weird... I've never had a problem with warranty claims to date.

Latest one was when they repaired the Satnav display but I wasn't happy as the contrast when the reverse camera came on was IMHO a bit washed out.

I mentioned it next service and when I went to pick up the truck they had replaced the display with a brand spanker.
1 - 3 of 55 Posts
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