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Hi guys Im brand new to the forum so maybe you can help me out. I know this is in the wrong subsection but for some reason I cant post it in the classified section. Maybe a mod can move it?

Well Im part of a scouting group here in brisbane where we race our bash cars annually. Ours is a GQ coil front end mated to a MQ leaf rear running a valliant 318. The last round of testing netted us a huge hit to the front end suffering quite a bit of chassie damage.

Looking for a GQ/GU coil chassie that we can chop and use to fix ours. Specifically the passenger front rail back past the radius arm mount although a whole fairly straight front end would be great.

We fundraise for everything we put into this thing so the cheaper the better (bloody sausage sizzles).

If anyone could help us in anyway it would be greatly appriciated,

Kind Regards Dan

Ps not too familiar with the patrols but are the GQ/GU front ends pretty much identical?
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