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Hey guys, Sorry I don't actually have a Patrol as such, I have a Nissan Pathfinder with the ZD30 in it though, and after searching all over the show, this forum seems to be the best chance of me hopefully finding a fix to my problem!

So far, I've done the mods for the NADS kit, removed EGR, fitted Boost and EGT gauges, fitted catch can, replaced MAF sensor, and fitted a dawes valve and needle valve to control boost. I've also hollowed out the cat, and fitted a massive front mount intercooler. (Which for the record feels like the car has lost power if anything.. not sure whats up with that)

The problem I've got, is that I don't seem to have any control over the boost, whenever I drive around normally, I'm getting 15psi, with a boost spike to 16-17psi.. which to me seems all good, but when I'm towing the boat, I put the foot down up a hill, and the boost only hits 12psi. It's got me completely baffled! I adjusted the dawes valve the other week, and thought I had it sussed, drove to work two days ago, and it was spiking to 18-19psi, and running 16-17psi under mild throttle, adjusted dawes valve, drove rest of the way to work with it running 15psi.. then on drive home.. up a hill .. 12psi!


Any thoughts? (the EGT is hitting about 550c on 12psi up a big hill towing 2 tonne of boat..)
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