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Hi I have a 2005 Auto Diesel 3L ST-L Y61 with 3" lift
its driven 67,000km
tyres done 33" x 12.5 x 17 driven 5,000km mud grip

car has been fine up until today.

when after driving out of a car park onto the road I Started to here a clicking sound like a piece of plastic was in the spokes of the wheels. I put it into N and turned the car off and let the car coast to a stop and the noise stayed with the speed of the car as it slowed down to a top, after a quick inspection could not find anything wrong.

after getting back into the car and driving away everything seemed fine.
but when I got onto the Motorway and as soon as I got over 90 you could suddenly start feel a vibration coming from under the car through the floor pan and the fast you drove the worse the vibration gets. putting the Car into N did not make any difference to the vibration.

after inspecting the car No sign of anything loose or worn all UJs seem fine no play on the prop shaft or anything else that I could think of checking everything under the car looks like new.

im not sure if the vibration stops as only went up to 105 and then slowed down to the point the vibration stopped and then drove the 40km home.

did not feel the vibration through the steering and do not feel it through the brakes when braking.

kind of hoping its just the prop needs balancing.

any Ideas and anyone know a place on the gold coast that will be able to fix this with out costing the earth.

also checked transmission fluid all seemed fine and was last changed about 10,000km ago
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