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My name is Jan-Willem ter Steege from the Netherlands and i'm new here on the forum.
I'm writing this on behalf of my father.
He has been driving a Patrol for over 35 years but the last 8 years or so a 2005 ZD30 DI and thats when the problems started.

In 500.000 km (312.500 Miles) he has blown up 5 engines (1 was replaced with a new crate engine from Nissan and the others were used engines).
All the problems were headgaskets and melted or broken pistons.
He is no speed devil and drives carefully but he tows 3.5 metric tons (7716Lbs) every day.
Odd thing is that they all broke at idle or near idle without any load on them.

I read on this forum that these problems may be caused by to bad boost management from the ECU and the EGR valve.
Is this easy to fix by myself (i have a technical background) or do a need a specialist for this?
I dont think there is anyone in the Netherlands who does dis kind of work.

Cant the ZD30 handle load anymore or will the 'NADS' fixes cure this issue?

Any help and advice would be appreciated.

Kind regards,

Jan-Willem ter Steege
In Spain there is a preparer specialized in ZD30 called Sastraka Auto 4x4. They have a Stage 1 that is to increase reliability and the car gains more strength at low revolutions. The change is very noticeable. You send the Ecu. They reprogram it and have a waste gate kit sent
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