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Nissan Patrol 3,3TD 1988 LWB
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I have no power to the glow plugs so my Patrol LWB 3,3L TD from 1988 is not starting.If I connect 24 volt directly to glow plugs its start directly. I have had issues with the glowing system for some time. First that happend couple of yera ago was that the glow lamp did not come on anymore. But I overcome that by turning the key a little bit more, like you did on old diesels without automatic glowing. Then when turning the key till it engage the stater I heard a click and holding the start key like that for some seconds it did start without any problem. The car has been sitting for some years wating for a restoration but I did start it on occasions. Then it problems happend when it suddenly would not start anymore, just if getting extra 24 volt. Can also mention that in between these 2 fault another fault came, when turning of the engine with the key it would not stop, I haf to engage a gear and kill it this way with the clutch and brakes.
So there I am today, I need some advice as where to start finding the problems. I have pictures of all different relays and switches that are making all that noise when engaging the 24 volt to the system but I have no clue what they have for purpose. I have controlled 2 relays that I guess is for the glowing and they seems ok, they are mounted under a steel plate together with DPC module.
I want to fix the glowing and stopping failure and need some help. I dont even know if therre is a fuse or where it is. Need to get a good instruction book for the car.
I bought this car back in 2000 and are now restoring it with all the body work, so much rust, and these problems. Otherwise it runs great.
Thanks Stefan from Sweden.
I dont know why there came double sets of picture.


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Hi Stefan,

Try to open de DPC-module and take a look on the relay inside. I had similar issues with mine, caused by burned contact points. .

Rust is just natural weight reduction.
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The factory service manual can be found HERE
With the glow plugs I'd just start by cleaning up battery connections, connector plugs, fusible links, and ground connections. If you have a test light, or ideally a multimeter, you can use that to roughly narrow down there the issue is.
On the back of the glow relay are 2 bigger terminals, you can try jumping across those as well to bypass it.

Your engine stop issue will be the EDIC motor, it lives underneath the injector pump. Its only 3 bolts to remove it. Once its off, pull it down and give it a good clean up, regrease the gears and that will sort the issue most of the time.
A guide can be found HERE.
In addition to that guide, the little electric motor that sits on the side can be removed and cleaned also, these will sometimes get corrosion inside and sieze.
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