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I have a GQ 92 efi petrol, and of late an issue has developed, in that, when I switch on the headlights,at the stalk, mostly I either have sidelights, or only high beam, .

When I rotate the combination switch (quite vigorously) I mostly am able to obtain functioning lights.

'Last night coming back from town in the dark and the fog, the lights took almost 15 minutes to fire-up.
Not good for the grand kids who were in the back seats freezing

I am assuming that it is the combination switch that has the problem. If so, how does one start to remove the stalk Do I have to remove the steering wheel to access it? :confused:
Regards Angus

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Yes that would be the combination switch.

This is testing my memory a bit but you need to remove 4 Phillips heads under the wheel to remove the plastic covers, then remove the steering wheel with a wheel brace or similar, make sure you loosen the wheel nut a fair bit but leave it on and pull hard it until it cracks then remove the nut and wheel. If you don't it can smack you in the head. lol

Then you will have a couple of plugs and a couple more Philips heads and that's about it.

Cheers Mick
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