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Nokia Blue Tooth Car Kit Install GU

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Ok I have pulled out a Nokia Bluetooth car kit from my old car and I want to install it in the GU. In the Commodore it muted the radio during calls. Does anyone know if this is possible on the standard GU double DIN (Model PP-2371H)? It doesn’t have a mute function on the front panel so I am thinking not but figured I would ask anyway in case of a work around.

If a mute function is not possible then which wire should I connect to what?

The Car kit has 4 wires as follows
Black – earth
Red – 12v+ (2amp fuse)
Yellow – CRM
Blue – IGNS (1amp fuse)

The wires out of the GU CD double DIN are as follows
Yellow – 12v + Memory
Black w white stripe – AMP ground
Grey w white stripe – AMP turn ON
Bluey grey – PWR Ant +
Orange black stripe – ground dimmer
Orange - ???
Black – Ground
Red – 12V power +
The rest are for speakers.

The radio also has 2 additional pin plugs (16 pins & 12 pins in each) that are not used.

Any help would be appreciated.
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In all honesty, after having problems on RA Rodeo stereo with a LG car kit, then issues with cut out relay on a Nokia CK-7W car kit an a Ford Ranger, I just set my patrol up with cut out wire disconnected, far less heartache to radio dropping out on every RH corner with faulty relay (car kit installers fitted to work truck, not on my personnal unit, but not taking any chances!), or each time you go in and out of phone service, not bad i'm sure in urban environment, but drives you nuts pretty quick in the bush!
Its not that hard to turn radio off!
The missus's Falcon uses same car kit, but thru stereo speakers, now have to find unit to fitexternal speaker as feedback is impossible to the caller thru the stereo.
My two cents
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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