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My old man lives on Stockton beach.
I'll check his fenders.
Plain stupidity, nothing less
Again we could be penalised because of some stupid farks doing idiotic crap.
Find em and ban em from owning a 4wd again
id make them reseat all 10km of posts, on foot. fark em
Jerk-offs, people, no scum, like that make us legitimate wheelers public enemy #1. Personally if i saw someone doing that i'd give them an 'all they can eat' knuckle buffet.... and i'm not a violent person by nature.
same same.
So as an instant get back and show 4wders are not all cum guizzling drunk scrotes 4wd NSW should be calling them and calling all clubs to get a working bee going to assist putting it all back together.
gotta be dinted for sure...why would you do something like this???? Gotta make you wonder heh...
why?? its a Flamin' fence! 10km of it!. . . it would have taken ages. . and probably damaged the car. . . what for?

He prob got bogged on the beach, and tried to winch off one post and pulled the lot out. . . that might make sense if you were a drunk idiot.

racking my brains. . . cant think of another reason. . . . it cant have been fun. cant have been an accident, why? i dont get it.
Inbreds surely
I agree with trucksters idea, would show the public we are not all fark wits
show the public we are not all fark wits

...........But.................... most of you are!

Just fk'n with ya's.
LOL Shilo,

Truckster, that is a great idea. I'd certainly do something like that if it was in my area (unfortunately 10hrs drive [15 in a TD42] is a bit too far.
No doubt a stolen 4wd. Not even the most extreme tosser would deliberately fu*k their own vehicle up - surely....?????
350 large timber posts mown down? maybe we should find the car and all install the bullbar he had cause fark it did the job. or maybe we should be looking for a bulldozer?

But seriously this is pretty bad for the image of all of us and it annoys me how the "4wd wrecks conservation area" why couldn't they say "some farkwit on the piss wrecks conservation area"
It's one post about every 28.5mts. That would have taken some effort and definitely done some damage.
Could of been a 'ring in' to make access even harder for 4wdrivers? Or a stolen joy ride like Outlander said.
4WD'ers are hardly to blame, although legislators misuse statistice to their own gain.

A similar problem is the misuse of Motorcycle injuries and fatalities statistics in Victoria to enact legislation and a levy against law abiding license holding motorcyclists.

For instance any injury or fatality involving a two wheeled engine driven vehicle is placed against the motorcycle road toll, whether it happens at the motorcross track, the farm paddock, the kid on the monkey bike, the motorised pushbike etc. etc.

So these type of incidents whether involving 4WD's or just hoons in general off road tend to be a real risk to our future enjoymennt of available public land.

Motorcycle story from a week ago:

Funeral outrage as crash victim mourners do cemetery burn-outs - Local News - News - General - The Warrnambool Standard

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we've got the same damage to fix tomorrow actually in the Beachport sand dunes after idiots did heaps of damage on the Melbourne cup "weekend". It was so bad that the local coppers want to put surveilance cameras in there. Much of it was done by paddle tyred bikes, but the fencing obviously damaged by "cars". Its plain stupidity, because national parks are looking to close parts of the sand dunes, and that will just hurt everyone.
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