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just recieved the survey from ARB in me email,
in regards to the forthcoming threat that bullbars may very well be abollished.
When first reading it, i did have a condescending ( unsure if this is the right word) approach reading it as
ARB for one stands to loose quite a bit if all of this government hoohar is introduced.

ARB, in conjunction with the Australian 4WD Industry Council has launched a national on-line public survey to collect information from the public about their use of bull bars and nudge bars.
The safety of Australian motorists that drive vehicles fitted with bull bars and nudge bars is threatened by proposed new Federal Government regulations, which are based on rules developed for the European environment and road conditions by the United Nations Economic Cooperation for Europe (UNECE).
The 4WD Industry Council wants up-to-date information about bull and nudge bars - also known as "vehicle front protection systems" (VFPS) - for its consultations with the Department of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development in Canberra about the proposed regulation. This regulation focuses on pedestrian safety - not vehicle and occupant safety.
The Department has now released a Regulation Impact Statement for Pedestrian Safety Standards for public consultation, which closes on 15 April 2011. This document includes extensive discussion on "VFPS" and contains options for the regulation of bull bars.
By completing the 4WD Industry Council's survey, participants will help meet the need for current accurate data on the use of bull and nudge bars. The Council hopes to learn more about vehicle types, driving patterns and critical safety issues, such as animal strikes and other impacts.
Adoption of this overseas rule would make it impossible in Australia to fit bull and nudge bars, which are designed to protect drivers and passengers in front end animal strikes and other impacts. It may also ban winches and driving lights.
The Federal Department has released the proposed regulation for a three month consultation period. We want to collect road users' views and report them as part of the industry response.
The survey takes only moments to complete and is totally confidential. We will add this new data to a report recently commissioned by the Council to study animal strikes on Australian roads.
These Council initiatives respond to the lack of uniform data about the estimated 25,000 to 30,000 vehicle-to-animal strikes occurring each year across Australia. We do not believe that good regulatory decisions can be made without proper research and without canvassing all key issues.
ARB encourages road users to complete the on-line survey as soon as possible. The Survey closes on 31 March 2011. For every person completing the questionnaire, the Council will donate $1 to the Royal Flying Doctor Service, to a maximum of $20,000.
survey link is
Bull Bars Under Threat

c'mon, i just got my 4x4 new years eve ffs,
spent years dreaming...
i can't handle this crap !

ps. hope i haven't broken any site rules publishing this.

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There would have to be some manufacturer start date for this
I know any vehicle pre 1971 is a little easier regarding mods
As they are pre certain ADRs
This will be the case with this new ruling if it comes to fruitition

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i can see their point but what annoys me is this decision will most likely be ultimately made by some pen pusher who has no idea of the dangers imposed during remote traveling or even the weekend 4wding escapade. i just hope the all these surveys and peoples opinions are taken into consideration when this actually goes to parliment.

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i had a good think, do you recon its just a stunt to eventually raise
our registration costs for owning a vehicle with a bar??
its a possibility,
sorta like how they wanted us to pay more for water, and did nothing to improve the situation really for 10 years, and awaited till we were almost in dire need for it, then suddenly rushed the prices sky high before the rains came, of which im sure they knew were on their way !! LOL

ahhh governments !! shifty buggers arent they??
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