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Hi all

I am having some issues with the gq. It had a small turbo on it for a few years and I decided to go bigger. I have a gt35/40 on it currently. I'm running a pertronix electronic ignitor in the distributor. It's running through an intercooler with a gas research throttle body. When I first did the turbo upgrade to the gt35, I was getting 12-15 psi boost all the way up to 5000rpm.
Then one night it got really hot and I had to stop and it was idling really rough. Then it started to clear up.
Now it's only getting 8 psi and starts cutting out at 3000. It can rev up all the way to 5000 if I'm not wide open throttle. What could be the cause of this?

Also I'm having another issue where the car has only recently developed a very slight miss on idle, it will also miss in first between 1600-2500 rpm. Then misses real bad in 2nd gear from 1500-2800. It doesn't really miss in third or any other gear from what I can tell. Any idea why this would happen.
I have noticed that it uses water quite often and I am constantly filling it up. I find that when it is missing real bad, I pull over at the nearest servo and there is no pressure in the water system so I check the level in the radiator and it needs water. Any ideas why these issues are happening?
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