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Hi all,
I was just hoping to get a bit of diagnostic help. I havr a gq patrol with a safari turbo kit on it.
When doing my tappets I noticed a dribble of oil in my charge pipe. I didn't think anything of it at the time because I haven't yet got a catch can and I'm well aware of the oil in my intake pipe as I haven't got a catch can. Yet. On start up I get a puff of white smoke sometimes with a bit of blue. When it's ready cold even with glowing twice my idle is frequently very lumpy. Like one or two of the pistons haven't fired.
Wll oil in the intake pass through the turbine into the charge pipe or is that not how it works? In which case the provent I'm about to install will only clean the intake?
Will dodgy glow plugs be the cause for the poor lumpy start up and some of the smoke or is it because their is oil in the pistons that is struggling to burn?
Is it likely that on top if the other two things, that my turbo seals are giving out? Can I still drive the car gently or do I need to pull it off the road and get onto replacing the turbo seals? Will damage be caused by driving it for another week or two at least until my dad gets back so I can get his help?
Or if it's the turbo seals will there be other issues with oil pressure or whatnot?
Also does anyone have any idea what the internals of the safari turbo are so I can track down the seals?
Moreover blue smoke would indicate burning oil but my oil level hasn't decreased.

I've done some research using the search function. Which as lead me to the above questions.

Any help would be massively appreciated.
Thanks, Jordan.

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G'day Jordan.

What is probably happening is that the vent pipe from your rocker cover is plumbed into your air intake system upstream of your turbo. When the turbo is working it creates a vacuum and this is sucking the air in your engine, together with oil mist, into the air intake and thus into the combustion chambers via the intake.

Both my GQs have aftermarket turbos and both did this. They leaked an oil mist after the turbo because of the positive pressure caused by the turbo. I fixed it on one by running the vent pipe down into the chassis and blocking the pipe in the air intake. Not legal but it stopped the oil mist appearing...

Now. Your catch can. I fitted a cheap Chinese catch can to one of my cars and it immediately started blowing white smoke at idle. Constantly. Took the can off, white smoke stopped. May not happen with a Provent but I have heard of this happening with other cars with after market turbos. Up to you if you want to try a catch can.

Your starting issues. Could be a number of things. Is it possible you don't have winter diesel in the tank? Dunno how cold you are getting overnight but if you've got fuel from a warmer area that doesn't sell winter fuel that could be a factor.

Or it could be your glow plugs or the glow plug circuit. Try turning the ignition on from cold and listening intently. You should hear a relay click a second or so after the glow plug light goes off. Do that 3 times (Ign on, click, ign off, repeat) and see if that makes the start easier and smoother. My GU was blowing heaps of white/blue smoke from cold until I started cycling the glow plugs as described above. Now it's all good. I'll give it to a diesel tuner when I find the time.

Good luck with that - let us know how you get on.
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