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Oil or Water cooled turbo

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guys im looking into turbo kits and i really just want to know whats the most reliable and durable...water cooled or oil cooled turbos?

and what size is good Garrett GT2860 or 2871?
any help would be great!
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If you want a BB turbo then they only come in water cooling due to the bearings. Even with journal bearings, If i had a choise, Id always always go water cooled.

What boost did you want to run?
thanks benno, really helps!

well for the initial set-up will be running about 8-10psi until i am comfortable and then i will up it to 15psi down the track when i get an intercooler.
A GT2860RS with a 0.64 rear should be fine to then, much higher and personally Id be moving to a .86 rear.

Journal bearings are last centuries technology. Bloody railways realised how crap they are in 1930....
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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